Millspaugh Furniture

About Keith

Growing up my grandpa showed me what solid wood was and why solid wood was so important.

I remember being fourteen bouncing around the back of my uncle’s furniture truck. I used to hitch a ride with him back to the store so I could buy some candy.

My first job at Millspaugh was mowing the grounds around the store.

During my college years at Marist in Poughkeepsie, I would come home and deliver furniture for my dad.

Over the years, Millspaugh had transitioned from selling custom furniture to buying off showroom floors around the state.

When I took over the business in the late 80s, I remembered what my grandfather taught me. So I took Millspaugh back to its roots, selling custom, hardwood furniture.

We changed the business from, “What you see is what you get, to order what you really want.”

I guess It goes back to my roots, that’s why we sell a better quality product.
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About Pete

Growing up as a kid in a furniture store; you’d think everyday was a game of The Floor Is Lava. Nope. I was shoveling snow, vacuuming, dusting, and helping out in the warehouse.

At ten years old, I graduated to parking lot “manager.” You still owe me ten bucks for that, dad.

Learned a lot being around the shop.

Grandpa had these saying we still use today: a bag of nails and a bucket of paint will make it what it ain’t.
Skin grows back, wood doesn’t.
Where there’s a will there’s a way.
And the most important, Be honest, you’re not smart enough to lie.

After college I started doing ride alongs to clients homes where we would work with them to design furniture to fit their decorating style. Being a lifelong furniture rat, I had a knack for knowing what put a room together.

Years later I would go on to design custom mattresses exclusive to Millspaugh. They give you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

Nowadays I’m 50/50 partners with my dad.

We work well together because of the values our grandfathers instilled in us. Hard work and quality hardwood that lasts for generations. Furniture our great great grandpa TL would be proud to sell.

We believe every creak, crack, nick and knot tells a story.